Threat Assessment

The key to any and all protection and security begins with an assessment of the potential threats to a client, based not only on the client’s external surroundings, but also the client’s specific activities and vulnerabilities. Every detail about a potential threat, no matter how large or small, is evaluated, site surveys are undertaken, security systems and response times are tested, access points and approachability are assessed, investigations and behavioral analyses are conducted, and much more, all with the goal of the most in-depth threat assessment possible.

For high profile clients, be they individuals or corporations, acts of violence aren’t the only risk to be faced. Stalking and harassment are just as common, and in the modern online world, ever more prevalent. The risk of extortion, whether based on financial status or public image, is also greater than ever. S.I.S.S. understands these risks, and with a thorough threat assessment, is able to develop a client-specific strategic security plan designed not only to curtail potential behavior by wrongdoers, but also to minimize any physical, financial or emotional impact such behavior may have for the client and/or the client’s business.

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Although S.I.S.S. and its personnel are constantly prepared to manage any crisis situation, the goal is first and foremost to avoid that crisis and prevent it from even occurring. In a world where “perception is reality,” the goal is the provision of security with as little footprint as possible, and the ability to provide high security for the client with a low-profile presence, ideally without that presence ever having to be felt. Threat assessment is the first essential step in this process.