Since its founding in 1993 by its President and Chief Executive Officer, Avi Korein, S.I.S.S. has expanded from its Los Angeles headquarters to also include dedicated offices in New York and London, as well as partnerships and strategic alliances with security providers and related industries on every continent, all in pursuit of the company’s mission statement:  dynamic professionalism and dedicated service to its clients, both individual and corporate, to keep them informed and protected in a fundamentally unsafe and ever-changing world.

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S.I.S.S. is licensed and insured globally and has amassed two decades of experience in every facet of the security and investigation industries. It is the versatility and best practices of S.I.S.S. that have led the company to be retained not only by its individual and corporate clients, but also by top law firms, public relations agencies, and management firms both domestically and globally. In addition to individual and corporate security, S.I.S.S. is also well-renowned for venue and travel security for worldwide recognized events, tours and festivals, as well as litigation consultation.

The personnel and officers of S.I.S.S. are vetted and highly trained individuals with extensive backgrounds in the military, counter-terrorism, law enforcement, and close protection fields, with comprehensive knowledge of the security needs of clients in the twenty-first century, including not only physical protection, but the safeguarding of reputation and perception. The philosophy of S.I.S.S. is that modern-day security is as much an intellectual practice as a physical one, and that proper preparation and risk management are crucial to the ability to identify and react to potential threats. And thus, S.I.S.S. protects its clients while still affording them the ability to move freely and conduct their business in a non-threatening, comfortable environment.

S.I.S.S. has the depth and breadth of capabilities and personnel to coordinate and execute all facets of protective services for its clients, including but not limited to threat assessment, risk management, security surveys both physical and psychological, investigations, intelligence and surveillance operations, background screening, residential security, emergency response, local and international travel and transportation logistics, and of course, close personal protection from its dedicated and highly trained complement of security officers. S.I.S.S. thanks you for your interest and invites you to peruse this website for further details of its services and capabilities.